Preparing For Your Baby’s Arrival

Preparing For Your Baby’s Arrival


Pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience and those nine and a half months always seem like they fly. Every mother feels like there are a thousand things she needs to think about before the baby arrives and will constantly be stressed out and worried about things that she may have forgotten. For this reason it is important that you as an expectant money keep a checklist of things that you need to do and do them according to schedule in order to prevent yourself from becoming unnecessarily stressed during this delicate period in your life.

Prepare for labour

Although you have nine months ahead of you, it is never too early to prepare for labour because in honesty, you never know when your baby will decide to make an arrival. Although you are given a due date, there have been babies known to arrive as early as within five months of pregnancy and these are emergency cases and therefore you will need to have your maternity bag packed and ready to run to the hospital at any time.

Keep emergency contacts with you at all times

It is extremely important for you to have all emergency contacts with you at all times. These should include your partner’s number, your doctor’s number and the emergency ambulance numbers. It is important for you to have the numbers with you in an easy to reach, easy to find place in case you need to grab them in an emergency or in the worst case scenario, in case you are unwell or unconscious and someone needs to get them off you. From the day you find out you are pregnant, it is imperative that you have a bag packed and ready because you will never know what emergencies can pop up at any given time even if it is not labour.

Read and keep yourself updated

If this is your first pregnancy, then this whole experience must be a world wind experience for you. Every little thing must be new and scary and therefore it is important for you to be in contact with other moms and read up on the experience as much as possible. It would be useful for you to know what is happening with your body and for you to trace the changes all with the books and articles you are reading in order for you to know that every change you are feeling is normal and expected. It is vital that you keep in mind that you are not alone in this and that your partner is in on it as much as you are and will always be there to have your back.