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Most new parents do not know much about proper nutrition for their child and will usually depend on advice from older relations and from what they see on television or read in magazines. A fact that they do not understand is that they cannot always depend on the advice that they get from older relations. Just because something has been done for many years or for decades, it does not necessarily mean that this is the right thing to do. One thing that is guaranteed is that a mother’s breast milk is the best thing for a baby and that a child should be given breast milk for a long period of time.

Dealing with problems

Some mother experience problems with breastfeeding where the baby does not latch on correctly or where the mother does not produce enough of milk for the baby. Many new mother’s do not realize that with the advice of a child feeding consultant in Sydney they could be breast feeding in no time because almost every mother can breast feed and the more the demand, the more the supply.

In other words with SOS feeding therapy, a baby could be taught to latch on. Sometime a small lisp may need to be corrected to help the baby latch on better after which the mother will start producing milk as a result of continuous breastfeeding.

The world health organization says that a mother should breast feed her child for at least two years to give the child the best start in life but unfortunately many young mother will either not breast feed their child because they will opt for formula instead or they will breastfeed for about five to six months after which they will switch to formula. This is because of the influence of advertising by the dairy industry to brainwash people, mothers, in to thinking that somehow the breast milk of a cow is better for their baby than her own breast milk. Years and decades of effective brainwashing has resulted in a world of mothers that no longer breast feed their baby correctly, a multi-billion dollar dairy industry and a world of sick babies and humans who have not got the right start in life.

It is simply common sense that all mammal produce milk in their breasts for their own young and therefore, the milk produced in the breast of a cow is not suitable for consumption by a human child as it contains hormones and substances for cows, not humans.