Impress for Less – Hosting a Party on a Budget
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Impress for Less – Hosting a Party on a Budget


It takes a lot to host a party. Whether it’s to celebrate a birthday, graduation or just a spur of the moment Friday night get together; parties are costly. So how do you manage to host a party that won’t embarrass you, while at the same time helps you save money?

Inexpensive Invitations

Every party starts with the invitations. Instead of using costly designer invitations you could always make DIY invitations or better yet use technology. Emailing your invitations saves the cost of using paper and if your event isn’t formal then there’s no harm in using email to send an invitation. Facebook is another option where you could create an event page and send invitations. This is a good option when it comes to knowing with certainty how many of your invitees will be attending.

Guest Contributions

Potlucks are a great way to get involved in the party. Asking your guests to bring a meal of their choice to your event will save you both money and time. You can be sure that you will have plenty of food to feed your guests however you will still have to spring for drinks and desserts. If your party has a theme then it would work better with potluck since your guests can bring meals that suit your theme. A theme would also constrict the choice of meals and beverage and thus cut down on any unnecessary purchases.

Private Location

Instead of spending on renting half of a restaurant, choose to have your party at home or at a friend’s house. Save the money you would spend on renting out a location by using one that’s equally suitable and is free for use. If you don’t have enough room indoors choose to have your party out in your backyard. Having a barbeque party is a great alternative to a sit-down meal. Sometimes the simpler your party is the more your guests will enjoy being there.

Simple Decorations

You can always find cheap party decorations online or on sale at a general store to use; or you could make simple decorations with items you can find at home such as ribbons, candles, posters, etc. Decorations are not a must but they would add to the festive atmosphere you’re going for.

There are a number of ideas to choose from when it comes to decorating, such as creative centrepieces or miss-matched china but if you don’t have time to go through or make your own decorations then it’s best to at least buy a few cheap party decorations to liven up your event. The Party Doctor is a known provider of party supplies in Australia. 

Personal Music

Why hire a professional DJ when you could be your own? We all have our own personal library of music for our listening pleasure so why not use it to supply the music for your event? This is a much better alternative to paying someone to play the same tracks you already own. Ask your guests to bring their choice of music as well to add to your party playlist and enjoy background music without the expense.

It’s the people, not the party. At the end of the day it all comes down to the friends you’ve invited to celebrate or enjoy with; so regardless of whether you managed to use expensive decorations or serve gourmet meals, your guests will appreciate the invitation and enjoy spending time in the company of friends.